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Ryerson Computer Science Undergrad Online Notes

One of my approaches to studying while doing my undergrad in Computer Science was to take detailed notes and rewrite them in an online format. The act of rewriting my notes was a form of studying itself.  It was a form of studying, but also I felt it would be nice to have them for […]

ILMerge: How to exclude one or more DLLs/assemblies

At my current job we are using ILMerge to combine multiple separate .net assemblies into a single .exe file. Recently we introduced a new 3rd party library which is obfuscated. It turns out that obfuscated libraries cannot be merged with other libraries with tools such as ILMerge. The merge will appear to complete successfully, but […]

Apache Reverse Proxy with optional trailing forward slash

tl;dr: the Redirect directive is a simple solution to appending a trailing slash. I spent a fair bit of time messing around with Apache (HTTPD) config trying to accomplish what I thought was a simple task (and it turned out to be). That is: be able to host a node application behind an apache reverse […]

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